Implementing the Animated Arrow Icon to Improve Your UI

By Aram Movsisyan

Date 01 10 2022

Animated Icons
Implementing the Animated Arrow Icon to Improve Your UI

Few page elements provide as much value as the animated arrow icon. This simple feature helps users navigate web pages, ultimately increasing conversions.

In this post, we will discuss how animated arrows are used in modern UI designs. In addition, we will provide 5 examples using Lottie, so you can implement highly interactive arrows into your designs without reducing page load speeds.

UI Basics – The Animated Arrow

Humans have been using the arrow to control the movement of information, people, and machines for the last 400 years. The symbol began as an archer’s arrow and became more practical and simplified over the years.

Today, web developers and designers utilize the icon to help visitors accomplish tasks online.

Why do UI Designers Use Animated Arrows?

An arrow continues to be the most effective way to direct traffic (IRL or on the web). Since the design was first implemented in the 17th century, not much has changed. Some of the most effective arrow icons have been pretty basic. Many popular brands such as FedEx, Subway, and Volvo use the symbol to communicate speed and progression in their logos.

Applying animation to a century’s old, tried-and-true icon is a no-brainer. Not only do you get the functionality benefits, but the motion captures the user’s attention and incentivizes them to follow the arrow.

The Importance of Uniformity

Arrows come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Your designs must be clear and concise to create the optimal user experience.

Implementing an assortment of uniform animated arrows can be challenging but keeping the style consistent across all pages is crucial. When adding arrows to your web pages or apps, you must ensure they are designed in the same style. This could mean working with the same motion graphics designer or sourcing icons from a library with cohesive collections.

Animated Arrow Use Cases

An animated arrow can be utilized in multiple situations on a web page. Below are some of the most popular:

  • Direct users through a sales funnel – This could mean pointing customers down the page, to a button, or attracting their eyes to a CTA.
  • On buttons – Many buttons feature arrow icons to incentivize engagement. Using the on-hover feature is a great way to utilize subtle animation.
  • Contact page/form – Adding an arrow to a form implies that the message will reach its destination.
  • Links – Arrow icons are great for on-page links.

Animated Arrow Examples

We’ve picked 5 animated arrows to help you decide what type of movement and design style works best in your web page elements.

Scroll Down

The icon above obviously works well as a directional arrow, communicating that there is more content below the fold. You can also use the animation as a ‘jump to the bottom of the page’ button that expedites the scrolling process.

We also like the animated icon as a simple page element to attract attention. For example, add the Scroll Down icon above text, a button, or a special offer to incentivize user engagement.

Right and Left Opposite Arrows

Arrows pulsing in opposite directions is a great way to communicate change. The icon works well in a before and after section or demonstrating the retail vs. sale price.

Right and Left Opposite Arrows can also let users know they can move in both directions. For example, the icon could appear once a user scrolls through an image carousel. The icon lets them know they can navigate forwards and backward when applicable.

Minimalistic Directional Arrows

We love when designers use sleek minimal designs that serve a purpose but don’t cheapen their aesthetic.
These animated arrows communicate direction effectively and also look visually appealing. We imagine the icons above would work well in helping visitors navigate a hip, brutalist web page.

Curved Arrows

Curved arrows work great as links and back buttons. Consider utilizing this element if you are sending your user to another page.

The icon above can also communicate the end of a list, gallery, or any other collection of elements. You can add the Curved Arrow at the end and give users the option of jumping back to the beginning.

Shuffle Arrows

The obvious application of the Shuffle Arrows icon is shuffling content; it could be a playlist, a group of images, or the order of a news feed.

You can also use shuffle arrows to communicate teamwork, togetherness, or unity. Add to a company values or services page to drive home your USPs.

Why Use Lottie Icons?

Lottie is the best option for animated icons for various reasons. The JSON-based structure offers easy design customization, integrate seamlessly with web pages, and is exponentially smaller than other animation formats.


You can make adjustments in seconds when you use Lottie animations from a design library. Before adding the icon to your project, you can customize:

  • Colors
  • Trigger
  • Speed
  • Delay

These customizations can be made directly from the design library, and if you choose to make a change, it only takes a few seconds to go back and customize another icon.

Small File Size

Lottie is much smaller than GIF and SVG because it is JSON-based, meaning it is essentially just code. While we view JSON files as overwhelming, meaningless lines of endless code, a computer can instantly process the file and render the vector animation.

Easy Animation to Modify

Before Lottie, the animation that made it on the page had to be perfect. Lottie allows you to make changes directly to the animation code (when embedding), so you don’t have to go back and redownload your design.

Final Words

An animated arrow icon built with Lottie exemplifies how design continues to evolve. The symbol once drawn on scribes is now used to direct countless web visitors on their digital journey.

Every website and app can benefit from basic UI tools like the animated arrow icon. If you are looking for a single source for cohesive designs to improve your user experience, try Creattie today for free.

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