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Design Consistency Made Easy with Creattie

By Aram Movsisyan

Date 06 03 2024

Design Consistency Made Easy with Creattie

Struggling to maintain design consistency across a large project?

Stock websites often offer a vast amount of illustrations and icons, but rarely in a cohesive style.

This can lead to a hodgepodge aesthetic that detracts from your project's professionalism.

Creattie solves this problem with its unique industry and style collections. 

We curate massive collections (500-3500 items!) of illustrations, Lottie animations and icons, all designed in the same distinct style.  

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Search for your desired theme.

Let's say you need illustrations for a teamwork concept. Simply search for "Teamwork" in the Creattie search dashboard.

Step 2: Filter by Style and Industry.

Creattie offers two powerful features to refine your search:

  1. Style: Select a style from the left-hand panel. This filters all items to match that style.

    Change styles on the fly and see how your chosen illustrations adapt. 

    illustration collections

    This allows you to explore different design directions while maintaining a cohesive look.

  2. Collections: Activate the "show as collections" feature to group items by industry or theme.

    Take it a step further by grouping illustrations by design industries. 

    show as collections in creattie

Step 3: Unleash Design Consistency

For example, choose "Startup Illustrations" from the "collections" menu. You'll now see hundreds of illustrations specifically designed for startups, all maintaining a consistent visual style.

Great Bonus: Style Your Project Like a Pro

If you like the concept of an illustration, you can also switch styles here! See how the same illustration transforms with different creative looks. This lets you find the perfect visual match for your project's unique style.

Animation Power

Many collections include both static illustrations and Lottie animations – lightweight, JSON-based animations that work on any device. Simply switch between static and animated versions within the same collection for even more flexibility.

Customize & Download

Once you've found the perfect item, customize it with our free tools and download in your preferred format (JSON, GIF, SVG, PNG, or MP4). 

With Creattie's industry and style collections, you can create large projects, applications, or entire platforms while keeping a cohesive design.

So why wait? 

Choose one of our plans  here today and ensure consistency across all your design elements!