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How popular apps use Lottie animations to improve the user experience

By Aram Movsisyan

Date 12 05 2022

Animated Icons
How popular apps use Lottie animations to improve the user experience

The versatility of Lottie animation provides the perfect solution for app developers. In this post, we will discuss why Lottie is the best option for mobile-first web development and provide 4 examples of how popular companies are using animated icons in their applications.

After reading, you will have a better understanding of the innovative technology and hopefully some inspiration on how to implement it in your next project.

Why do Developers Love Lottie Animations in Apps?

Lottie is the obvious choice for application development for various reasons. Other animation formats can be detrimental to the user experience by creating blurred lines and slow load speeds. Lottie is exponentially smaller than GIF and SVG; the structure utilizes vector images, creating a clear presentation when scaled up or down.

Popular Use Cases for Animated Icons

Animation is a critical part of the modern web experience. Below we dissect 4 use cases from some of the most recognizable names in the app store.

Evaluating how successful companies utilize innovative design techniques is a highly effective way to draw inspiration for your projects. Thankfully, choosing to work with Lottie in apps and other web-based applications is a realistic solution for every developer.

Uber Eats

Our first use case comes from Uber Eats. The US ride share powerhouse has recently expanded its reach by purchasing Postmates and capturing a significant market share in the rapidly growing food delivery space.

While food ordering/delivery through Uber Eats runs seamlessly the majority of the time, the process is fairly complex, requiring a collaborative effort by 3 separate parties – the customer, restaurant, and food deliverer. All parties must rely on the app for updates and communication for the order to go through smoothly.

Once an order is placed, there are 3 subsequent phases of the user experience. Uber Eats incorporates an animated icon in the first stage of the order, food preparation.

While the user’s delicious takeout food is being put together, they are reassured by a series of animated cooking icons, as you can see below.

Users have to trust an app like Uber Eat to carry out a series of tasks that eventually lead to their choice of food delivered to their doorstep. The animation communicating that the order is being prepared helps them know what is happening and reinforces this trust.

While the Uber Eats experience is already highly interactive throughout the process, the food preparation is the one part where the user is offered the least amount of visibility. Once the order is picked up, users can see where their delivery is on a map and what they are using as transportation. Including animation in the prep phase is a genius way to keep the end user’s mind at ease.

Value Added with Animation

  • Build trust
  • Keep user happy while waiting
  • Communicate the least visible aspect of the ordering process


Our following example is from Venmo, one of PayPal’s subsidiary companies highly popular in the US. If you’ve ever used the service, you know exactly what separates it from every other payment processing company – the public timeline.

A description of the payment is required for every transaction on the platform; when common words or phrases like food, beer, and pizza are entered in the form, the user has the option of including an animated icon instead.

While the notes aspect of Venmo isn’t essential at the end of the day (users have the option of making the transaction private), it is what separates the company from other services.

Venmo includes a social media aspect to the payment process. Users can like, comment, and even send friend requests on the platform. Including animations incentivizes users to engage with each other, keeping them on the app longer and choosing Venmo when they need to send money.

Value Added with Animation

  • Differentiate from Cashapp, Google Pay
  • Incentivize users to utilize the social aspect of the platform
  • Include interactivity to payment processing

Google Pay

Google’s payment service applies animated icons to make the process easier for users during a contactless transaction.

Many people struggle to use mobile payment methods. The scanners in retail shops can vary, and it may be unclear if the terminal even accepts contactless payment. Google Pay helps solve the issue with subtle animation to let the user know the phone is ready and when the transaction is complete.

Below is the animation users will see when their phone is ready to perform the transfer.

Once the user successfully holds their device close to the terminal reader, they are given another animation to signal that the contactless transaction was successfully initiated. Check it out below.

Value Added with Animation

  • Improves user experience
  • Builds trust with new technology


While the TikTok algorithm is responsible for the app’s rapid growth, animated icons play a crucial role in keeping users on the platform.

TikTok uses animation in multiple critical areas in the user interface:

  • Spinning original sound record
  • Green pulsing share icon

The spinning record represents an original sound. Including animation incentivizes users to use the sound in their videos and gives users an opportunity to go viral.


Pulsing icons on the share and comment buttons also draw attention to the buttons, increasing user engagement on the platform. Both animations are situational. They don’t appear when the user watches a video more than once or browses the comment section.

TikTok’s intuitive technology combined with animations is significant in the app’s growing popularity among younger demographics.

Value Added with Animation

  • Increase engagement
  • Incentivize interaction
  • Keep users on the platform

Final Words

Developers choose Lottie animations in apps because they don’t slow down page load speeds, consist of vector images, and are fully customizable. If you are ready to try the future of animation on web-based applications, visit our extensive library of premium Lottie animated icons and illustrations.

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