Animated chart icons - Best examples & use cases

By Aram Movsisyan

Date 21 04 2022

Animated Icons
Animated chart icons - Best examples & use cases

+ieMany companies utilizing analytics, statistics, and data in their products and services may struggle to captive users online. In this post, we dissect an Animated Chart icon collection to inspire you on your next project.

15 Popular Animated Chart Icons

The animated chart icons collection is perfect for SaaS, financial, real estate, medical, and other websites that offer data-driven solutions. Each icon is premium quality and fully customizable within the library’s user interface.

Below is a use case for most of the icons in the collection. Feel free to apply our recommendations directly to your web pages or use our use cases as inspiration.

Bar Chart

The Bar Chart icon can communicate data collection as a service. Use it as part of your services section to drive engagement and incentivize users to read deeper into your value proposition.

Bar Chart Growing Market

Every business’s goal is to grow. This lottie icon is the perfect way to signal that your product or service can help clients achieve their goals and grow year over year.

Bar Chart Data Analysis

The fifth variation of the Bar Chart icon in the collection differs significantly from the other animations. This icon suggests customization, which we recommend using if your webpage offers intuitive data analysis.

Data Management 

The Data Management icon represents two ideas or sets of information coming together to provide a solution. It can be used as a business icon explaining a merger or collaboration with another business to offer a unique service.

Data Merging Processing

Our next icon is highly versatile. Data processing animation can be used in a services section or possibly as a page-load placeholder. We especially like how the animation is off-set; it draws in the eye and gets users to pause and consume the content.

Data Management - Pie Chart

This lottie icon shows a pie chart. We recommend using it to advertise a product or service that helps users allocate resources. It can be paired with text, a button, a CTA, or all three.

Data Management Pie Chart

We see this animated icon as the perfect choice to represent the missing tool needed for success. Use along with a tag line like “the final piece in understanding your consumer.”

Positive Dynamics

This icon communicates positive change. You can use it on your ‘why us’ page to demonstrate how your services can move a company that’s in the red to a positive ROI.

Line Chart

Whether you want to advertise a specific service or generally signal that your company can help other businesses grow, the Line Chart icon is the perfect option to increase engagement on a webpage or application.

Line Chart 1

The Line Chart 1 icon can be used in various situations. Accompany with text on a services page or expand the size and feature the icon on your home page as a central component.

Curve Chart

We like the subtle animation of the Curve Chart icon in a drop-down menu. When the user clicks on one of your options, a service like data management can accompany the icon.

Statistic Chart

The Statistic Chart icon is an excellent choice if you need to represent change or customization. You can run the short loop after a user has made a change or progressed through your sales funnel.

Statistic Chart 

Organization is one of the critical components of companies offering B2B services. The Statistic Chart icon is a solid option as the central component of a section that explains organization tools.

Market Volatility

This icon is another versatile icon perfect to increase analytical and data-driven content engagement. Use as a services icon with a ‘learn more’ CTA or as an add-on for one of your products.

Statistic Chart 2

The Statistic Chart 2 icon is excellent for communicating the versatility of a product or service. Accompany with related text and run on a loop for an exciting page element.

Creattie’s Animated Icon Library

Animated chart icons are just one of the collections available on Creattie’s premium Lottie library. Browse through hundreds of high-quality animated icons and illustrations, essential for every designer, and customize within the platform. Once you’ve created the perfect page element, download or copy the code and embed it directly to your web pages.

Full Customization

Adjust the appearance of your icon by changing the color, stroke width, and size before incorporating your new design. You also have complete control over the speed, frame rate, and triggers directly within Creattie’s interface without code.

Massive Free Selection

While the Animated Chart icons are a paid collection, Creattie offers entire packages featuring dozens of icons 100% free of charge. Check out collections with dozens of designs made specifically for eCommerce, business, technology, retail shopping, and beauty web pages.

Free icons still allow you to customize the designs to fit your web page or brand aesthetic.

Pricing Plans

To access free Lottie icons on Creattie, all you need to do is create an account. You will gain access to over 2000 free designs, various file formats (Lottie, SVG, PNG, GIF, MP4), and the Creattie online editor.

While there is a wide variety of premium designs on the platform available for free,  you will need to subscribe to access animated icons.

A pro subscription costs only $14.99 per month. You will have access to unlimited animated icons (including the Animated Chart icons collection), 5 animated illustrations, and 10 static illustrations per month. The price point is excellent for growing agencies with a small client base looking to save on creative materials.

Creattie’s Pro Plus subscription also gives you access to unlimited animated icons, 25 animated illustrations, and 50 illustrations per month. Pro Plus is ideal for agencies with high output looking to scale.

Final Words

The Animated Chart icon collection is essential for web pages and apps that offer data analytics or management services. After reading our breakdown of the most popular icons in the package, you are ready to start incorporating the animations in your designs. Good luck in production, and be sure to check out the entire Lottie animation library from Creattie.

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