Boost conversion rates with FREE animated business icons

By Aram Movsisyan

Date 07 07 2022

Boost conversion rates with FREE animated business icons

The animated business administration icon collection from Creattie is one of the most valuable compilations of Lottie icons online.

In this post, we feature 20 of the most popular icons in the free collection and offer use cases for each. After reading, you will understand how to use animated business icons and how easy it is to customize Lottie animations on the platform.

Free Animated Business Administration Icons from Creattie

The collection of premium business administration icons has universal appeal, perfect for any webpage.

And the best part of the collection….all the icons are 100% free to use!

Just sign up for a free account, and you will have access to hundreds of high-quality Lottie icons that can be customized and added to web pages in seconds.

To give you an idea of how to use the business administration icons, we've included examples for 20 of the most popular animations.

24 Hours

The animated 24 Hours icon is perfect for your customer service messaging or communicating operating hours.


The Achievement icon is excellent to use to communicate value. For example, if your business reached a milestone or recently won an award, the icon can go along with the messaging to attract users high to the key selling point.


Companies that offer B2B SaSS products or use data to help make decisions can utilize the Analytics icon to increase consumer confidence.


The Bank icon is highly versatile. It could be used to communicate payments, low prices, or literal banking services.


The animated Calculator icon is commonly used on pricing pages or included in a pricing calculation application. Including an animated icon helps incentivize using the app or draws attention to the discount.


It's always wise to add animation when you are presenting an offer or communicating cost. The Cash icon can be utilized in various situations that consist of payments.


The Cart icon can indicate growth or communicate services. The icon is similar to Achievement but strongly delivers the feeling of driving forward. The library features many essential icons with slight variations so you can ensure your designs are differentiated from competitors.


Using the Checklist icon communicates accountability and builds customer confidence.

Data Analytics

The Data Analytics icon offers another opportunity for companies selling data or a platform that organizes data to include animation on web pages.


The Files icon can be used as a save button or in a services section for companies that offer cloud storage.

Justice Scale

There are many use cases for the Justice Scale. One of the most popular is a section that compares pricing, either internally or with competitors.

Mobile Banking

The Mobile Banking icon can be used on a checkout page to communicate if the site accepts mobile payment services like Apple or Google Pay.


After users enter their personal information, the Reward icon can be included in a pop-up to redeem a discount.


The Settings icon can be used to help users find the settings page or communicate technical services.


Many users choose to include the Signature icon in situations that consist of an online agreement or contract within their website.


The Start-Up icon is popular because it is so versatile. It can communicate growth, draw attention to a promotion, or as a CTA button.


The Team icon can be used in a section highlighting company benefits. You can use the Team icon to boost customer confidence by ensuring they will have adequate support when using your product or service.

Time is Money

The Time is Money icon can create a sense of urgency and get users to quickly sign up or make a purchase.

Time Management

Businesses offering managed accounts can benefit by including the animated Time Management icon in their web pages. The icon can be used along with a CTA or a services page to convince users to purchase the product or service.

Working Hours

The Working Hours icon can be used in a footer along with hours of operation or to signal to customers that they always have access to a customer service representative.

How to Customize Icons for My Project

Icons are essential for every webpage regardless of the industry, and including animation is a great way to drive engagement and increase conversion rates. Lottie files offer an incredibly easy way to customize and integrate animation into your workflow.
Animated icons can be customized by changing color, stroke width, animation speed, and frame rate directly within the UI. Once your animation is precisely how you want it, perfectly matching your webpage's aesthetic, you can download or copy a code snippet and embed it into the HTML.

How Much Does the Collection Cost?

The business administration icon collection is 100% free to use. You can customize and download each icon without entering your payment details; all you need to do is create an account. The entire Creattie library is available for a monthly fee, and you will have unlimited animated icon downloads.

Final Words

Of the multiple highly beneficial Lottie animated icon packages on Creattie's library, the Business Administration collection is one of the most popular. Not only is the collection free to use, but it includes some of the most prevalently used webpage and application icons for all industries.

Creattie offers full customization capabilities directly within the icon library, so you can include icons that complement other page elements and the brand image into your designs regardless of your web development skills.

Visit Creattie to check out more collections and the entire animated icons and illustrations library.

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