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The Animated Check Mark – A Versatile Icon for Every Business

By Aram Movsisyan

Date 17 03 2022

Animated Icons
The Animated Check Mark – A Versatile Icon for Every Business

The checkmark is the universal symbol for getting stuff done. When users visit your website, they want to be assured that you can help them accomplish something and bring value to their lives. There’s no better way than utilizing the animated checkmark in your online content strategy.

We’ve dedicated this entire post to checkmark animations. After reading, you will have a deep understanding of how they can be used, the ideal file format, and the best place online to download the icons.

Why is the Animated CheckMark so Beneficial?

A check is a powerful symbolization of an accomplishment. There’s not a comparable motion to capture the feeling of completing a task.

While it has become so commonplace that we generally don’t think about it, going online is a series of accomplishments and tasks. Using a checkmark can portray the same feeling of confidence to your users.

How You Can Use Checkmark Animations in Your Content

There are infinite situations where a check can be used online. Below are just a few instances that could benefit from including an animated checkmark.

  • Filling out a form
  • Subscribing to a mailing list
  • Following a social media account
  • Making a purchase
  • Listing services

5 Examples of Animated Check Marks

Below are five examples of highly engaging checkmark animations. Each offers a range of possibilities to be used online. Modern animation allows designers to get creative and take different approaches to the highly popular animated icon.

1. Illuminated Circle Check

2. Wobbling Check

3. Semi-Circle Check

4. Rounded Box Check

5. Arrow Loop Checkmark

The Creattie Animated Icon Library

There are countless animated icon libraries online; however, most don’t offer the selection, price, and customization capabilities as Creattie. The animation library features JSON-based animations that can be easily incorporated into various forms of online content.


Creattie offers a massive selection of fully customizable animated icons. You can easily adjust color, stroke width, and animation speed directly in the library, no design or coding skills are required.


Free or Paid Options

While paid icons will allow you to take full advantage of Creattie’s platform, hundreds of animated icons in the library are available for free.

Available in Lottie Format

Animated icons from Creattie are available in multiple formats, including SVG, GIF, and Lottie. While they aren’t as prevalent as GIF and SVG, Lottie/JSON is the best choice for animated icons.

The Advantages of Lottie Animations

JSON-based Lottie animations are the future of online UI animations because they are small, customizable, and easy to design. They are built in Adobe After Effects, converted to JavaScript, and sent to webpages and applications with JSON. The process makes them exponentially smaller than other formats and, because they are essentially computer code, fully customizable.

Another advantage of using Lottie is they can be played anywhere, from the web, iOS, Android, Windows, QT, Tizen, and any other platform that render JavaScript. They are also easily integrated into CMS platforms like WordPress and WebFlow.  

Where Can I Source Free Checkmark Animations? 

Downloading free animated icons from Creattie is easy. All you have to do is sign up for a free account, browse the extensive selection of icons, and select the perfect animation for your project.

If you want to utilize all the features available on the Creattie platform, you can check out one of our unlimited plans.


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