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Animated Communication Icons

By Aram Movsisyan

Date 31 03 2022

Animated Icons
Animated Communication Icons

AnimateCommunication is the fundamental basis of the internet. Adding highly engaging components to your web pages will help users stay entertained and incentivize them to interact with your content.

In this post, we will cover Creattie's expansive selection of premium animated communication icons. After reading, you will understand the importance of including animation in page elements and how to apply our animated icons to your next project.

Animated Communication Icons Collection

Creattie’s collection of Lottie communication icons can be utilized on every webpage. It features essential animated icons like a phone, dial pad, and envelope can be used regardless of the industry. 

We've picked 25 essential icons from the collection and included a use case for each one below.


The Antenna Icon can be used in several situations. For example, it can represent a connection, let visitors know you are live-streaming, or communicate that a representative is online.

Approved Message 

You can use Approved Message Icon to communicate a successful delivery of a customer service message.


A Bluetooth icon can be used to establish a connection if your website or app utilizes wireless connectivity.

Animated Calendar Icon

Every website can benefit from adding animation to its scheduling call to action. You can also include Calendar Icon as a button for users to book an appointment. 


An animated Call Icon draws the user's eye to your contact information incentivizing more users to reach out and begin their relationship with the company.


Including animation on your customer service chat or chatbot popup can increase users' likelihood of interacting.

Chat Message 

Chat Message Icon can be utilized to communicate that a rep is in the process of answering an inquiry. Letting users know that their message is being answered, keeping them from leaving the page.

Dial Pad 

A Dial Pad Icon is highly versatile. For example, you can use it as your phone contact button or a call to action that incentivizes users to contact a representative.


Every website needs an interactive icon to increase user inquiries. Simply adding Email Icon to your contact buttons can create more messages from potential clients at a minimal cost.

Envelope Notification

We have a wide array of envelope icons because they are so useful on web pages. The Envelope Notification can be utilized as your email contact button or communicate that the user has a message from customer service. 


The Error Lottie Icon can be used on a 404 page or to draw attention to a sale, special, deal, or temporary promotion.


Flight Mode

Flight Mode Icon can be used as a button to turn off notifications. 


Headphones animated icon is perfect for electronics companies or to convince users to plug in their headphones to enjoy your content. 

Mail Notification

Mail Notification is another version of envelope animation. You can use it to incentivize users to open up a popup with a special promotion.


Mailbox Icon is another way to add a unique design element to your contact section. The mailbox can also notify users they have access to a promotion or customer service message. 

Missed Call

You can use Missed Call Icon to notify users that they have a message from customer service. 


 Networking Icon is an excellent addition to sections that display your range of services. Including an animated communication icon from Creattie will help draw the user's eye and ensure they fully understand your value proposition.



 Phone Icon is another iteration that can be used as a contact button. 

Phone Contacts

Phone Contacts Icon can be used as your 'Contact Us' button. Drawing users to your contact page will drive interactions and lead to more clients.

Question Bubble

 The Question Bubble Icon is another versatile animation that can be used in a number of situations on web pages. For example, you can use it to signal an incoming message or ask a question to demonstrate how your product solves a problem.


Instill customer confidence in your brand by using Send Icon each time a message is received successfully. 

Send Mail

Send Mail Icon can serve as a great call to action button. You can add it to your contact page or as a button to send user information. 


Adding Share Icon will incentivize users to share your content, expanding your organic reach.

Support Request

Support Request Icon can be used as a button to contact customer service or as part of your customer service description.


Telephone Icon is another way to get users to click on your contact information. This iteration uses a traditional business phone design giving a more professional look.


Wi-Fi Icon can be used to communicate a wireless connection or other instances of connectivity.

More animated communication icons

Below are the rest of our animated communication icons available now in the Creattie library. Click the link to check out the entire selection.

  • Add Chat
  • Approved Mail
  • Arrow
  • Blog
  • Chat Error
  • Chat Note
  • Email Book
  • Emails
  • Envelope
  • Ethernet
  • Exclamation Mark
  • Headphones 1
  • Heart Message
  • Incoming Call
  • Mail Error
  • Mail Minus
  • Mail Notification 1
  • Mail Notification 2
  • Mail Plus
  • Mail Trash
  • No Calls
  • No Wi-Fi
  • Outgoing Call
  • Pause Call
  • Play Message
  • Question
  • Quotation Mark
  • Remove Chat
  • SD Card
  • Share Network
  • Sim Card

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Final Words

Creattie's Lottie communication icons are essential for every website and available for $9/mo for the entire library of thousands of animated Lottie icons.

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