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Where Can I Get Free Lottie Animations? – Top Websites

By Aram Movsisyan

Date 24 05 2023

Where Can I Get Free Lottie Animations? – Top Websites

Lottie animations can instantly set your designs apart from competitors by increasing interactivity while keeping page load speeds down. 

But where can you get them for FREE?

In this article, we'll cover 5 websites where you can source 100% free Lottie animations that can be immediately used in your designs!  

1. Creattie

Best Free Lottie Animations Library Creattie

Our first selection is the Lottie library, Creattie. Here you can choose from hundreds of free Lottie illustrations and icons without entering your credit card information.

Every asset in Creattie’s library is high-quality, and you can browse industry-specific designs by searching through collections.

One of the most useful free designs is the Page Not Found animated illustration, perfect if you want to incorporate Lottie into one of your essential web pages.

Some free icons we find the most useful include a Mail Notification, Track Order, Location Pin, and Phone icon.

While Creattie does offer an impressive assortment of highly usable Lottie animations ready to be downloaded now, being a paid member unlocks thousands more industry-specific designs and the integrated editor. Creattie subscribers can customize animations by adjusting the color, size, triggers, speed, and delay directly from the asset pages.



  • Massive library of free and paid designs
  • Only premium quality art work
  • Easy-to-use editor available with an account
  • Cohesive, industry-specific collections for consistent designs


  • The complete library is paywalled
  • Creattie is a library only; you can't import your custom animations

2. Lottiefiles

Best Free Lottie Animations Library Lottiefiles

Lottiefiles is a comprehensive design platform that allows you to create, edit, test, and export Lottie animations and a marketplace with free assets. Thousands of free Lottie animations are available on Lottiefiles; however, you must sign up and create an account.

One of the coolest aspects of Lottiefiles is motion graphics designers can upload animations using the platform to reach website and application builders. The website serves as a place where designers can market their work and collect royalties. While we love empowering creatives, finding a specific asset or collection of designs that will fit your project can be a bit overwhelming when searching through a marketplace.

Overall, Lottiefiles is an excellent source for free Lottie animations, and the platform is even more helpful if you are a motion graphics designer looking to reach other creatives.


  • Thousands of free Lottie animations
  • Workplace that includes player, editor, and collaboration tools
  • Top resources on Lottie


  • Need an account
  • Difficult to search through designs
  • Limited free, high-quality animations
  • No quality control
  • Designs are available individually, making it difficult to create a cohesive project

3. IconScout

Best Free Lottie Animations Library IconScout

IconScout is a go-to source for stock assets with millions of high-quality designs. The platform also features integrated plugins for popular CMS, converter tools, and an API to help you source and implement Lottie designs at scale.

Of the couple hundred free Lottie animations available on IconScout, a significant portion actually are usable and have universal appeal. You will, however, have to make an account to download.

With thousands of Lottie animations and an editor that allows you to customize to fit your project's aesthetic, IconScout is one of the top resources for web and app designers.


  • Hundreds of free Lottie animations
  • High rate of usability
  • Customize with a built-in editor
  • An assortment of design tools


  • You'll need to sign up to download
  • No monthly plans only annual
  • The free assets have various styles, difficult to use multiple on a single project
  • Quality is hit or miss

4. Lordicon

Best Free Lottie Animations Library Lordicon

While Lordicon is a premium source for animated icons, the selection of Lottie animations is limited compared to the platform's massive library. Unfortunately, only a couple hundred are free, and you'll have to sign up to gain access. But thankfully, the library is organized effectively by industry, so you won't have trouble navigating through the assets.

Ultimately, Lordicon's free selection is relatively extensive and high quality. You'll also have the tools to customize your designs with the simple design editor. If you are looking for just icons, this may be your best option as their free library is the largest; however, you won't find any illustrations on Lordicon.


  • Sizable free selection of animated Lottie icons
  • Efficiently organized, easy search tools
  • High-quality designs


  • Need an account
  • Limited editor 
  • No animated illustrations only icons

5. Finsweet

Best Free Lottie Animations Library Lottieflow

If you use Webflow, Finsweet's Lottieflow is an excellent resource for UI/UX designs elements. You'll find an impressive assortment of arrows, buttons, checkboxes, dropdowns, and scrolling icons for free, and you don't have to make an account.

Finsweet's collection is minimalistic and practical if you want to improve your website with Lottie icons. Unfortunately, everything is in one design style, and you'll need an account to access the editor.


  • Highly usable free collection
  • Integrates with Webflow


  • Only 1 design style
  • Requires an account to access the editor
  • No illustrations only icons

Final Words

We've included a mix of libraries and marketplaces to give you a variety of design styles. Finding 100% free Lottie animations online can be challenging, but you can access thousands of premium designs between the 5 websites we've covered.

While all the platforms featured are among the best options online, Creattie is the superior choice because it has the most comprehensive collection of usable, free illustrations and icons.  In addition, if you want to try Creattie for free, you don't need to create an account or provide your credit card information.

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