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Lottie Pricing – How much do Lottie animations cost?

By Aram Movsisyan

Date 28 04 2022

Lottie Pricing – How much do Lottie animations cost?

In this article, we will break down all the pricing options for Lottie animations. By the time you’ve finished reading, you will know where to buy Lottie for the best price and quality.

How much does Lottie animation cost?

Lottie animations cost between $1 - $10  and $9.99 - $25 with a monthly subscription, depending on the style, animation quality, and use license. However, custom animation is much more expensive. An original, short Lottie animation can cost as much as $1500. We realize there is a huge gap in cost, so let’s cover all the pricing options.

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Multiple factors go into Lottie pricing. For example, a simple checkmark icon will cost much less than a complex animated character giving the thumbs up.

4 main factors contribute to how much a Lottie animation costs; we’ve outlined each below.

  1. Quality - Naturally, high-quality animations will be more expensive. Motion graphics is an art that requires years of practice and knowledge of various design software. A skilled animator will charge a premium for their services reflected in the final product.
  2. Types of Animation - The complexity of animation is another factor in prices. Icons take less time than a hero animation or animated illustration.
  3. Purchasing Options – Most Lottie animation platforms allow designers to buy a single item or in bulk. In addition, monthly subscriptions can give agencies or developers unlimited access to animations.
  4. Platform Capabilities – The features and options offered on various platforms also affect pricing. Access to different file formats provide designers with versatility. The ability to customize colors, stroke, and animation speed in the library is highly valuable to designers. If you have to pay a developer or an online editor to make changes, it raises the cost.

Lottie Platform Features

There are three major Lottie libraries online, Creattie, Lordicon, and Lottiefiles. The difference between each is determined by the features in the editor, type of platform, and animation diversity. Understanding what each library offers should determine which is suitable for your design needs.


Platforms with editors built into the library offer convenience and allow designers that don’t know how to code to customize animations. An editor will enable you to change the color, speed, and frame rate directly from the platform.

The Lottie libraries, Creattie, Lordicon, and Lottiefiles all feature customization options in the interface. You can make changes, then download the JSON file and apply it directly to web or application pages.


Animation Diversity

Some libraries, like Lordicon, only offer Lottie icons. You won’t find any other types of animation, but if you only need icons, they have a quality selection.

Creattie is the only platform where you can find Lottie animated icons, animated illustrations, and complex hero animations in premium quality with the option to download the static version of the design. In addition, Lottie animations in Creattie can be purchased together in a collection so that you can utilize the same cohesive style throughout your project.

Animation Marketplaces

LottieFiles has a massive selection of Lottie animations; however, the platform is set up as a user-generated marketplace, where anyone can upload designs and earn a royalty off a sale. You can find incredible designs from talented designers on marketplaces; however, finding what you need to fit your project is challenging. Also, the level of quality varies dramatically.

Creattie and Lordicon are more traditional libraries with a level of quality control and consistency throughout collections for specific industries.

Single Purchase Vs. Monthly Subscription

Another variable that determines how much does Lottie cost is payment options from the respective platforms.

Monthly Subscriptions

Obviously, this is the best option if you need a consistent source of animations to handle a heavy workload. But finding the best subscription for your needs can be challenging. Some platforms only offer yearly subscriptions, which can be inconvenient if your work is inconsistent or you need a specific type of design.

For example, Creattie offers monthly subscriptions for $24.99 that include unlimited icon downloads plus 25 hero animations and $1.99 per additional item.

Pay for What You Need

This option is great because you are limited to one specific platform and don’t pay monthly. However, you can expect to pay more per Lottie animation. Prices are a flat fee from $0.99 - $10.

How Much Should I Spend on a Website Build?

This is a calculation of assets you usually need for creating a website.

Let’s say you need one hero animation on your homepage and 3 animations throughout your content flow. Also, you’re going to need 15 animated icons. If you are shopping on Creattie with a subscription, your downloads will be covered with an all-inclusive monthly subscription for $14.99 - $24.99.

Creattie also offers monthly subscriptions that specifically cater to the needs of design professionals. For example, the Animated Icon package from $12.99 - $14.99 offers unlimited animated icons per month. Designers looking for animated illustrations can pay $24.99 per month for 25 downloads and $1.99 per additional item.

Even if you choose the pay-as-you-go option, your cost for the website build will be minimal. Many icons are available for free, but if you choose paid designs, you will only have to pay $9.99 per Lottie animated illustration.

Final Words

We think most Lottie platforms online offer value depending on what you need. However, design is an essential part of your business, and you should consider it an investment. So, you are better off choosing the option that covers all your needs with high-quality designs.

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