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Animated Scroll Icons - Best Examples and Use Cases

By Aram Movsisyan

Date 25 01 2022

Animated Icons
Animated Scroll Icons - Best Examples and Use Cases


The design elements of a web page or mobile application should all serve a specific purpose. Utilizing an animated scroll icon helps users navigate a page online, keep them engaged with the content, and lead them through a sales funnel.

In this post, we discuss the benefits of using an animated scroll button, the optimal file format, and how to customize them to fit your brand. After reading, you will have a deep understanding of improving your UI/UX and the best library to download animated icons.


What is the Importance of a Scroll Button?

Most web pages have numerous elements far below the main content area, and unfortunately, most visitors don't navigate past the fold.

A MarketingSherpa study found that ads placed above the fold were seen by 60% of visitors, while ads placed below were only seen by 25%.

Common use cases for scroll icons

Adding an animated scroll button incentivizes users to consume the content below the main content area on your web pages.

In addition, adding icons help users find parts of your page that offer value. 

If visitors find themselves at the bottom of your page, they can easily click a scroll arrow to send them to the top, keeping them engaged with your content.

2 Types of Scrollbars

There are 2 types of scrollbars in UI design; the most common is the up and down arrow icons or y-axis scrollbar. The other type, and less common, is a left and right or x-axis scrollbar.

X-axis scrollbar

X-axis scrollbar

Because most web pages and applications don't have content exceeding the margins, scrolling north and south on a page is more common than navigating east or west.

However, implementing VR and AR technologies into everyday internet-based interactions will create more opportunities for users to step out of the traditional webpage model.

The Best File Format for Scroll Icons

All icons on web pages and applications need to be versatile. For this reason, vector files are better choices than raster-based images when adding icons to a webpage. With a vector image, you can scale the size of the image without losing quality. So, whether your icon is on a desktop or mobile interface, it won't render pixilated.

Animated VS Static

One of UI/UX design's main goals is to keep visitors engaged and incentivize them to interact with your content. Animation is much more likely to generate a click than a static icon.

scroll icon

CSS VS. Lottie

If you are looking for the best possible quality and engagement, you need to utilize animated vector files and customize your scroll icon. While CSS allows you to include vector animations, customizing them is challenging.

Instead of learning CSS, you can use Lottie files and make changes in the library rather than on the stylesheet. Lottie files are vector-based, easily customized, and exponentially smaller than GIF and even SVG.

What about scroll GIF Icon

In the past, GIF was the go-to choice for animated scroll icons. 

However, as technology has advanced, the format has become obsolete. Lottie is exponentially small, easy to customize, and allows users to interact with the page element. GIF animations still have their place in online content but shouldn’t be used as essential UI design components.

Where to Download Animated Scroll Icons

Creattie is the best platform online to download free and premium Lottie animations. All UI/UX designers need access to a reliable library for popular icons like animated scroll buttons, checkmarks, emojis, and other UI essentials.

The Lottie library is constantly updated with more icons that can be utilized in web and application development.

Best Examples from Creattie's Lottie Library

Below are some examples of animated scroll buttons in Creattie's Lottie library. As you can see, they are engaging and will encourage users to navigate to different parts of your web pages.


Triple Pulsing Arrow

get this animated icon here

3 Dot Bouncing Icon

get this animation here

Folding Arrow

get this animation here

Growing Circle

get this animation here

What to consider or 4 Design Principles for Scroll Animated Icons

1.Simplicity and clarity in design

Subtle animations are proven to be more effective. Too much movement or complexities can be overstimulating, so stick to simple animated scroll icons.

2. Consistency in animation style and timing

When you build a website or application, it’s essential that you keep your style cohesive throughout the project. The same concept should be applied to scroll speed, delay, and triggers.

3. Responsiveness to user interactions

One of the advantages of contemporary animation formats is the ability to interact with users. Increase engagement by applying custom animations to your scroll icons, keeping visitors from leaving the page.

4. Accessibility

Consider all disabilities, impairments, and limitations when you are designing so every user feels welcome and can interact with your web page or app. 

How to Customize Animated Scroll Icons

The most significant advantage of Lottie animations is the customarily. Creattie allows designers to modify line widths, playback speed, loop duration, and choose colors all within the library's interface.

Once your icon perfectly complements your webpage design, simply embed the code into your HTML; the process literally takes just a few seconds.

Creattie offers many animated icons for free, and allows you to take full advantage of your Lottie animations.

Customzie lottie animation

 Add to webpage

Final Words

Including an animated scroll button is an easy way to drive engagement. Directing users through the content and incentivizing them to digest everything your page offers is a critical component of boosting conversation rates. 

Animated Lottie files keep page load speeds down, utilize vector images, and are fully customizable. Using the format for animated scroll icons is a no-brainer; check out our full selection in the Creattie library!


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