15 Most Downloaded Animated Weather Icons & Use Cases

By Aram Movsisyan

Date 05 05 2022

Animated Icons
15 Most Downloaded Animated Weather Icons & Use Cases

Animated icons are essential for modern web design; they increase engagement, boost conversions, and make your web pages unique. In this article, we explore a 100% free collection of Weather animations showcasing 15 icons every designer should have in their toolbelt.

After reading, you will not only know how to implement the collection in your web pages and app development but understand why Lottie is the animation file format of the future.

15 Popular Animated Weather Icons

Below are specific examples of how we would use icons from the collection; of course, web development is a creative field, and there aren’t limitations to how to utilize each animation.

Feel free to replicate our suggestions or use our examples to get your creative juices flowing!


The Celsius animation captures your user’s attention and is perfect for accommodating a temperature gauge in a header, sidebar, or footer.


Clouds are a go-to animation for every website portraying the weather needs. The Clouds icon features subtle motion that replicates realistic clouds and isn’t overwhelming when used in a multi-day weather report.


The Cold icon has a universal appeal for a variety of web pages. Whether selling ice-cold beverages or providing a weather report, the Cold icon is a must-have for every designer.


You can use the Fahrenheit icon to demonstrate a rise or drop in temperature. We like both temperature icons (Celsius and Fahrenheit) because they are so engaging. In addition, every part of the animation has a distinct motion that will capture your user’s attention.


Fog is another essential icon to include if your design, especially if you are building a daily weather guide. The icon’s motions are simple yet clearly represent a foggy day.


The Globe icon’s usability transcends the weather-related apps and web pages. Demonstrate your global reach, universal appeal, or worldwide shipping with the Globe icon.

Heavy Rain

The Heavy Rain icon features a cloud, lightning bolt, and rain making it the perfect animation to represent a storm. Use it literally or figuratively to drive engagement and boost conversion rates.


Use the Hot icon for advertising a sale along with a tagline like “summer sale 20% off all items” or “deals too hot to handle.”


The Moon icon features a unique design to represent nighttime, partly cloudy weather, or just nighttime in general. Use in a weather report or night hours, open late, or an after-dark special.

No Sunlight

No Sunlight is another versatile icon. You can use it even as a no flash button in apps or a button to adjust screen brightness.


The Rainbow icon can demonstrate a perfect day in a weather app or draw attention to a discount or limited sale.


Snow is an icon necessary for every weather report or web page that displays current conditions. The icon features subtle animation but clearly demonstrates snow falling from the clouds.


Using the Sun icon on your web pages can communicate a clear day or represent a spring/summer sale. Use the icon to draw attention from other page elements and accompany it with an enticing call-to-action.


The Sunset icon can be utilized to communicate closing business hours or, in a more literal sense, by including the estimated time the sun goes down.


Use the lighting icon to draw attention to any aspect of your web page or app. The icon is highly versatile and can be used as a button or logo, along with a CTA, or of course, to represent the weather conditions.

Why Choose Lottie?

The Lottie format is what makes the collection so beneficial. While the designs and animation quality are on-par with any icon library online, the structure is the aspect that delivers the most value to web developers and designers.

Below are the 3 reasons why Lottie is the most logical type of animation file.


Lottie animations are JSON-based, meaning appearance can be easily manipulated with simple adjustments in JavaScript. Now, even though making changes to Lottie files directly in the code is extremely simple, you don’t need to with the Animated Weather Icons collection. You can customize the following attributes straight from the icon library.


– Choose from the entire color spectrum to ensure your icon matches the branding and other page elements. Copy and paste colors to perfectly capture the vibe in your design.

Stroke Width

– Changing the stroke width will alter how thick each animation line appears.


– The amount of time each frame is shown.

Frame Rate

– The amount of time it takes to switch frames.

Speed and frame rate both affect how fast the animation renders. You can experiment with speeds and frame rate differentials until you get the perfect ratio directly from the library.

Smaller File Size

Lottie is exponentially smaller than GIF animations, making them a more practical choice for page load speeds. As you already know, a lagging page is annoying to your user and will hurt SEO performance.

Choosing Lottie allows you not to make sacrifices when designing web pages and apps. We’ve all had to devalue our vision to keep the page load speed down; thanks to Lottie, you won’t have to settle for static icons.

Easy Implementation

Adding Lottie to a web page or a content management system like WordPress, Wix, or WebFlow is incredibly easy. You either embed the code directly into the HTML or include the JSON in your directory.

If you choose to embed, you’ll have three more customization options (size, delay, trigger) before copying and pasting the code into your page. All changes can be made to the code, even after you’ve already embedded the animation.

Remember that if you are embedding, the size, delay, and trigger are determined in JavaScript and must be done within the embedded code. If you choose to download the file and upload it into your directory, you will have to make these changes in CSS.

Final Words

Now that you’ve gotten a first-hand look at the animated weather icon collection, it’s time to get to work and implement Lottie into your workflow. Head over to Creattie and access the collection to start customizing and using the icons for FREE!

If you want access to Creattie’s entire library of Lottie animated icons and illustrations, you can pay a fee starting at $9 a month billed annually or $14 month to month.

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