Most Used Shopping Animated Icons.

By Aram Movsisyan

Date 02 03 2022

Animated Icons
Most Used Shopping Animated Icons.

WhereAs more companies transition to online sales, eCommerce becomes increasingly more competitive. As a result, retailers need to keep users engaged and separate themselves from others in their niche. Lottie shopping animated icons offer the perfect solution to meet the challenges of eCommerce marketing in 2022.

In this post, we cover a new online shopping collection from a free animated icon library, Creattie. After reading, you will understand how to incorporate animations from Creattie into your eCommerce pages or Shopify store.

The Most Used Shopping Animated Icons

The new shopping animation icons released on Creattie are a perfect collection every online retailer or digital marketer needs. Each icon is featured below, along with a use case that will drive engagement and differentiate pages from the competition.


The bag icon is versatile and can be used in many ways. For example, on your home page along with a call to action and link to your store.


This Lottie animated icon can be used as a button to represent your online store or even as an icon in the main header menu.


The Blouse can be a category icon if your store features women’s tops.


A closed icon can be utilized in a business hours section or calendar.

Credit Card

The checkout page is one of the most important pages in your sales funnel. Using a credit card animated icon will keep users engaged and increase checkout rates.


If your business offers delivery, you want to be sure to communicate this service. Consumers are more accustomed to having goods and services brought directly to their doorstep now than ever before.


Ecommerce landing pages usually present a value proposition. Drawing the user’s eye to a discount will help increase conversion rates.


The favorite Lottie animation is another versatile element that can be used in several situations. For example, highlighting a company’s awards or accomplishments on an about or home page can help build trust with the consumer.


A gift animated icon is excellent to use around the holidays. It can also be added to an email through HTML and sent to customers on their birthday or anniversary.


The glasses icon is great as a product button or used on a category page.


Creattie’s animated hat icon perfectly represents spring or summer if your store has seasonal products.

Men’s Clothes

Animated men’s shorts work well as a category button or product menu. The animation has multiple subtle movements, attracting the eye and incentivizing the user to click.

Money Transfer

You don’t want users to leave items in their cart because they are unclear on the types of payments you offer. Instead, draw them to your accepted payment methods with the money transfer animated icon.

Online Discount

The discount percentage symbol overlapping the mobile phone communicates urgency and incentivizes users to purchase while shopping on their mobile device.  


An open sign animated icon can be used on a new website or if a company just started offering products online.

Open Box

The open box is highly versatile and can communicate shipping, an online offer, or as a button on a checkout page.


Packaging and shipping are significant components of eCommerce marketing. For example, the packaging icon can incentivize a free shipping offer or as a confirmation after an order has been placed.


A shirt icon is perfect for a product page, especially if you have a men’s online store.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart Lottie animation can be used as the cart button menu icon or as a reminder to checkout.


A store Lottie animation can be a button on a landing or home page to incentivize users to enter your online store.


The t-shirt is a great product icon or used on a category page.


Creattie’s trolley animation works perfectly as a shopping cart. Designers can include free animated icons like the trolley into essential components of the webpage like the header or footer.  


An underwear icon can communicate a seasonal line or on a product category page.


A wallet is a critical icon that could be included as a pay CTA button or to communicate different accepted payment methods.

Women’s Clothes

Adding animated icons to an eCommerce shop helps users navigate the section they are looking for. An animated dress draws their attention, ensuring they continue moving through the sales funnel and don’t bounce from the page.

Where Can I Download These Animated Icons?

Animations can be downloaded for free, edited, and incorporated into designs on Creattie. Adjustments in color, stroke width, animation speed, and frame rate can be made directly from the Creattie interface.

Shopping animated icons can be downloaded or embedded directly into the page’s HTML.

Not only are Lottie animations easy to customize and add to an eCommerce store, but they are also incredibly small, keeping page load speeds down and users with the content.

Final Words

The new eCommerce animated icons pack from Creattie is everything an online store needs to create a fully customizable, engaging shopping experience.

Lottie is the future of animation for eCommerce web pages..take advantage of the new technology by signing up with Creattie and using the animated icons for free.

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