Emphasize Vital Information with Animated Location Icons

By Aram Movsisyan

Date 21 10 2022

Animated Icons
Emphasize Vital Information with Animated Location Icons

An animated location icon is a critical tool that helps users understand more about your organization. Communicating your physical address or multiple locations are just some ways to implement the essential UI design icon.

In this post, we will provide use cases of location icons, offer 5 animated design examples, and provide evidence that Lottie is the ideal format for animated icons on web pages.

Why Would You Need an Animated Location Icon?

A location icon can be used in various ways outside of communicating an address. Below we discuss 3 common ways location icons are used in modern web design and how animation improves the overall user experience.

Business Address

Many people visit a web page with the sole purpose of finding a physical address. Including animation in your business's information section will attract users' attention, helping them accomplish their tasks.

Users who aren't visiting your website looking for the address may be surprised you have a physical location. Subtle motion on the page could be the difference that makes them realize they can visit your business in person.

Communicate Multiple Locations

Adding a new location is one of the milestones for many retail business owners. Implementing an animated icon is an effective design strategy if you need to announce a grand opening or just want to attract attention to all your business locations.

Mapping or Geotracking

The icon becomes even more valuable if your business offers mapping, delivery, logistics, or tracking services. Include animated location icons on your' home,' 'about,' and 'business services' pages to increase engagement on the most critical parts of your webpage.

Animated Location Design Examples

Now we will show you some examples you can immediately implement in your designs. Each icon can be customized by changing the following properties directly from the Lottie library:

  • Color
  • Stroke width
  • Speed
  • Delay
  • Trigger

These changes only take a few seconds, and you can always go back into the library to make additional customizations.

Minimal Location Icon

Subtle animations are the most effective way to increase engagement and improve conversion rates. The minimal location icon is a perfect example of how less is more. The 2 shapes that make up the location pin move separately, providing additional visual stimulation without overwhelming the user.

Geo Target Icon

The Geo Target Icon offers more complex animation with 3 animated components. While it is more stimulating than the Minimal Location Icon, it is still relatively simple.

We suggest using this icon in urgent situations, such as opening a new location, communicating a remodel, or a short-term event.

Global Location Icon

You can still benefit from animated location icons if you only offer your products or services online. The Global Location Icon is a great way to communicate that your business operates worldwide.

Simple 2D designs that appear 3-dimensional add depth to your web pages. The icon uses a classic, minimal design, which can be dramatically altered by changing the stroke width. In addition, bringing down the speed of the animation also has a significant effect on its aesthetic.

Local Business Icon

Communicating your business's location is an essential aspect of your website. If you have a physical store or multiple locations, the Local Business Icon is a great option.

The design is offered in 2 different styles: one with multiple colors and one monochromatic. You can change the icon's colors to resemble your actual business or fit your website's branding.

Focus Location Icon

The Focus Location Icon is much more versatile than many of our other selections. We recommend using this icon if your business offers location-related services. For example, the icon would be perfect on a services page that explains IP targeting.

Using an animated icon to describe digital services helps users visualize the value your company brings to the table. In addition, designs like the Focus Location Icon will help persuade visitors because they can bring tangibility to otherwise complex services.

Why Use Lottie Icons?

JSON-based files are currently the most efficient way to render animations on web pages. Here are the 3 most significant reasons why your should be using Lottie.

Use Them Anywhere!

Lottie is compatible with all CMS platforms and can be added directly to HTML. However, the format is still new, so web builders aren't as accommodating to JSON as other animation file types. Thankfully you can check out our blog to learn how to implement Lottie on all Shopify, Wix, Elementor, HTML, and other popular web design platforms.

Lower Page Load Speeds

JSON files consist of thousands of lines of JavaScript, making them exponentially smaller than hosting traditional animation files in your web directory.

Because Lottie is so small, the animations won't bog down your load speeds, improving the user experience.

Easy to Customize

Altering Lottie animations only take a few seconds. You can change the parameters directly in your code or go back into the library, make changes, then replace the design. Either way, the process is faster and more cost-effective than requesting changes from a motion graphics designer.

Final Words

Location icons provide much more value than simply communicating an address. Multiple design styles allow you to get creative and utilize the essential UI element in various ways. Creattie offers dozens of Lottie animated icons that can help users navigate your web pages. Check out the complete library today to utilize the revolutionary design file format!

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