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Animated Icons for Website Development

By Aram Movsisyan

Date 10 03 2022

Animated Icons for Website Development

Keeping users engaged is the end all be all in creating high converting web pages. Regardless of whether you want to increase sales, leads, or views, the user experience is fueled by interactive content that keeps potential consumers interested. Animated icons are one of the essential tools you can use to drive conversions.

In this post, we will cover how animated icons can add value to your online content. After reading, you will understand why animated icons are a critical component of high converting web pages, how they are used on different types of websites, and how to add animated icons to your workflow.

How Animated Icons are Used for Website Development

Icons are used to separate content and increase engagement. They may be utilized when breaking up categories or different services featured on the website. Including animation adds an incentive to interact with the page.

Animated icons on web pages usually serve to improve the user experience and influence the consumer to perform a specific action. For example, many websites add animation to the notifications or subscribe bell to persuade users to follow the content.

Why Do You Need Animated Icons on Your Web Pages?

Icons are used on most websites and applications to support the flow of content. Animations differentiation your pages from competitors and create a stimulating user experience.

Animated scroll icon

The only reason why you wouldn’t want to include animated icons is page load speed issues. Including a video, large photos, or animations can detrimentally affect your bounce rate and even SERP rankings. A slow page kills conversion rates and leads to a poor user experience. No one likes a slow page; most consumers will navigate away from your website to a competitor.

Animated checkmark

Thanks to Lottie animations, a JSON-base file format, we can incorporate animated icons on web content without altering page load speeds. In addition, the agile format gives us the option of including animated icons to drive conversions through web page interactions without sacrificing the user experience.  

Use Cases for Website Animated Icons

Any website or application can benefit from animated icons. Below are how animated icons can make web content more enjoyable and lead to more conversions.


Using animated icons can be highlight product features or draw attention to selling points. For example, you could use an animated arrow to point to a discount code or special offer in your Shopify store.

The animation draws attention to the area of the page that helps influence the sale. Animations on eCommerce pages can be subtle or obvious, depending on how they are utilized.

Call to Action Icons

Animated icons can also persuade users to click on a product page. They can be strategically used as critical components in your sales funnel.

If you directed a potential consumer from a video on YouTube, Google ad, or social media post, your landing page should include a call to action to move the user through the sales process.


Providing visually appealing share buttons is a website marketing best practice. When you produce high-quality content, organically expanding the reach is the most cost-effective way to reach new consumers.

Animated share icons offer a reward to the user for posting to their social media. A simple animation can boost your content’s reach with little effort.

Optimize the User Interface

Improving the user interface is dramatically enhanced with animated icons like scroll, loading, success, and loading. Animations create a more enjoyable experience, leading to a lower bounce rate and higher conversions.

Types of Animated Icon Interactions

Animations can be adjusted to fit your content and how you want the user to engage. Below are the three main types of animated icon interactions.

Play on Hoover

When the cursor reaches an icon, the animation will begin.

Loop Animation

Short animations that play continuously are set on a loop. They are most commonly demonstrated in GIF files, but loops can be used in any video content.  

Animated icon interactions


Auto Play

Animations that are constantly playing without any user engagement are on auto-play. These animations are commonly used to show multiple products, display a logo, or attract the user to a call-to-action icon.

Website Examples

Countless websites utilize animated icons to increase engagement and improve the user experience. Here are two examples from two of the world’s most successful companies, Amazon and Google.

Twitch Animated Follow Button

The developers at Twitch recognize the importance of generating followers. Users are incentivized to follow their favorite streamers by gaining access to the Chat and an on-hover animated heart icon.

Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky Animation

The search engine giant features two buttons below their search inquiry bar; the lesser-used ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button has recently been altered with animation to add more features.

When your cursor is over the button, the text changes from ‘I’m feeling lucky’ to a variety of different options, including ‘I’m feeling hungry’ and ‘I’m feeling doodley.’ Each additional button brings you to a unique Google page. Clicking the ‘I’m feeling artistic’ option brings you to Google’s Arts and Culture page featuring the Musee d’Orsay et de l’Orangerie in Paris.

How to Add Lottie Animated Icons to Websites

Adding an animated icon can be done in two ways. You can download the media file or include the external URL for the animation. Below are instructions for the most commonly used web development tools.

Custom Website - HTML/CSS

Include the URL or file path in your HTML—size and position with CSS.



For media files, include the file in your React repository import from ‘react’ with the file path.


You will have to download a plugin to include Lottie files in your WordPress website. If you use the popular web builder Elementor, try the free plugin Premium Addons for Elementor. The plugin allows you to choose between an external URL or media file.


Drag your Lottie JSON file into Webflow and use triggers to control the animation.

Custom Animations without Software or Coding


While Lottie files are the best option because of their incredibly small file size, they are also easy to customize. You don’t need to learn After Effects or have any motion graphics experience to control your animations with our Lottie library, Creattie.

Our incredibly user-friendly platform allows you to adjust colors, interactions, and animation styles with the click of the mouse. Creattie is also free to use, no need to sign up or enter your credit card to take advantage of our extensive library of animated icons.

Final Words

Incorporating animated icons into your web designs is critical in remaining competitive. Animations keep users engaged and set your pages apart from other businesses in your industry. Visit our library of icons to see how you can incorporate animation into your web page design.

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